Pro scooter rides BMX and pro BMXer rides scooter and both of them go in at monster skatepark! Capron starts the vlog off with a short conversation about why youtube is such a wonderful tool for memories and to communicate with fans. Last day here at monster camp 2016 Corey starts off with Brandon Lopous (rider for Nitro Circus) on the bikes and ride the resi, Corey wants to flair, 360 and tuck the BMX bike. A couple eggplants later a serious subject comes up, our new subscribers aren’t liking the videos?! WE NEED MORE! LIKES FOR BEAST MODE! 20,000 per video is our new goal! Corey tries to frontflip on the BMX bike but fails in the funniest way possible. Brandon decides to sesh the scooter Capron and Corey call him a flair to start off, for warm up they both flip drop in.. lol then out of no where Brandon does a 540 flair first try, still couldn’t believe it. Capron realized that the clamp wasnt even tighten before he grabbed the scooter Corey just popped them out like nothing, could have been a disaster.. We finally find kangaskhan here in AUS!! Ray ray show up after we gave an Apex deck away to the best camper! Jarryd let us use the boosted boards again we went on an adventure, definitely getting two of them. Do you guys wanna see a GOLD EDITION MCFLIP? I know i do.. Ending it with some crazy whip guy right by the park, he hooked it up with a whip so thank you!


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