Barack Obama attempts the splits with the US Olympic gymnastics team

Barack Obama met with gold medal-winning Simone Biles and her gymnast team-mates, and attempted to do the splits with them.

He wasn’t quite as flexible as the young women, but made a valiant attempt.

The President welcomed the US Olympic and Paralympic teams to the White House in order to celebrate their success in Rio.

“I was going to do a floor routine on the way out with Simone, but we decided it was a little too crowded,” President Obama joked, referencing the fact the rain moved the reception indoors, causing hundreds of Olympians and Paralympians to crowd inside the  East Room of the White House.

“And you can’t touch your toes,” joked first lady Michelle Obama.

The President congratulated the US team for winning 46 gold medals.

He also said the women in particular shone during the Games.

President Obama said: “2016 belonged to America’s women Olympians,

“Our women alone won more gold than most countries did.”

Michella Obama hugs gymnast Simone Biles
Michella Obama hugs gymnast Simone Biles Credit: Barcroft Images

He also attributed the success of the US Olympics team to its diversity.

“That’s one of the most extraordinary things about our Olympic team,” he said.

“There’s no kid in America who can’t look at our Olympic team and see themselves somewhere.”


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